Custom Bed Sheets

When it comes time to design some custom bed sheets, why settle for just having your name embroidered along the edge? Why not go all out? Here are just a few things you can have done when you're getting custom sheets made...

Specific Fabrics

Let's say you're a big fan of a particular cotton blend you once experienced in a hotel, but you've never been able to find any sheets made out of that fabric since. Well, the fabric is available somewhere, and a custom sheet maker is likely to have just what you're looking for in that regard, so look and see what fabrics they offer, and whether or not they might even special order something for you.

Patterns and Designs

You can go with a traditional pattern or design like, say, some cool tiger stripe sheets or a floral pattern, or, you can custom design your own sheets with a photograph or an image of your choosing. You could take your favorite abstract painting and turn it into a bed sheet, or put something with sentimental value on your pillow case. Really, you can do whatever you want with the look of your sheets, so take advantage.

The Size

It can be hard finding a sheet to match your bed perfectly when your bed isn't one of the standards: King, Queen or Twin. If you have a water bed, a custom built bed, if you live in a mobile home or a boat house, you can measure your bed and have some sheets made to exactly those specifications, no more tucking the extra two or three feet under the mattress.


Maybe it could be something much simpler: You just can't find that precise shade of purple you've been looking for! Well, there are few better excuses to just go ahead and get some custom sheets, right?